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Internet of Humans (IoH)

Waylight is a skilled community. If you need help, professional or personal - you'll find it here.

  • Knowledge and expertise hub.

    Find new experience, improve your skills on the world's online knowledge hub.
  • Simple and free expert search.

    Look up experts by their skills and learn from real-life human experience and thought leaders.
  • Access to any expert in the world.

    Check out profiles, find appropriate ones and feel free to talk to them in chat before your book a session, or do it straight away in available slots.
  • Objective ratings of online experts.

    Decentralized experts' ratings build a sense of trust, security, and proof of expertise.

How waylight.me works

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    Find your expert.

    Get invited via a direct link or search by topic and choose one of the experts from our community.
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    Choose an offer, select time slot & book.

    Browse through the available offers, find an open time slot and book effortlessly.
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    Get reminders, join sessions, manage them and focus on improving yourself, while saving your precious time.

For Waylight clients

  • Grow

    guided by online experts, working with you directly, personalizing and tweaking your learning experience

  • Learn

    from real life human experience and thought leaders around you or become one

  • Improve

    all areas of your life online, be it a small coaching goal or a lifelong aspiration via chat, audio or video with hassle-free payment options

  • Stay

    for incredible support, two-sided protection, simple flows and the easiest way to connect, grow and evolve

Under the hood

We bring industry standard approaches to security
  • Industry standard authentication

    • Simple and secure identity
    • Authentication multi-compliance (ISO, PCI DSS, SOC 2)
    • OAuth2
  • Versatile payment processing

    • Built with Stripe (and more on the way)
    • Secure checkout
    • Transparent payouts
  • Secure communication

    • End-to-end encrypted chats
    • Low-latency audio/video certified to SO/IEC 27001
    • Global coverage

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