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We want you to have the best tools available and we wonโ€™t charge you for using them.

  • Business profile.

    Create online business in minutes, spotlight what you do the best.
  • Scheduling management.

    Choose convenient time slots for work and get bookings.
  • Paid audio and video calls.

    Industry standard call quality and availability.
  • Paid chats and blog.

    Set up subscription for chatting and personal blog.
  • Payouts.

    Simple onboarding of your financial accounts.
  • Web3 ratings and reviews.

    Collect real ratings and reviews to build your personal brand.

Three simple steps to a new revenue stream:

  • 1. Create Your Profile

    Fill a pre-built template of your profile, schedule, and offers, set up prices for paid chat and blog and within minutes you`ll be ready to accept orders and subscribers.

  • 2. Share It With The World

    Link your Profile with all your channels - your social media, ads, email, and more. Share information about your online business in posts, stories, videos, personal messages, etc.

  • 3. Grow Your Business

    Share your expertise and knowledge, update your blog, respond to bookings and chats, do online video consulting, and get your public Web3 ratings and reviews.



Add link in BIO

Add your Waylight Business profile link in social networks BIO (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) and share information through stories and posts about it.

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1:1 video calls, 1:1 chats, Personal blog

Monetize through 1:1 video calls, 1:1 chats with your subscribers and clients. Create members-only content in your personal blog with products, articles, video advice, backstage, personal life experiences, lessons, music, etc.

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Get paid

Get paid for your video calls, chats, and members-only subscriptions in your personal blog. Grow your monetization by sharing more information about your Waylight!

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Waylight Business Income Calculator

Find out how much money subscribers would bring to your business.

1. Estimate number of clients and subscribers


2. How much can you charge for video call or subscription

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  • Personal URL+
  • Personal QR+
  • Scheduling+
  • Bookings+
  • Paid audio and video calls.+
  • Paid 1:1 chats+
  • Personal paid blogsoon
  • Subscriptionssoon
  • Payments in 100+ countries+
  • Payouts in 58+ countries+
  • Crypto paymentssoon
  • Coins awardingsoon
  • Web3 ratings, reviewssoon
  • Clients management+
  • Sessions management+
  • Dashboard+

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